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Welcome to the website of Kocia Osada*PL.

To say that we are animal lovers is like saying almost nothing. Animals in our life have been practically always - cats, dogs, fish, turtles and sea turtles, parrots, canaries, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas :) Everything that we managed to smuggle to our home or what our parents agreed we can have when we were still children. Over the years while we were getting older, this love turned into a real passion. And today we try our best to influence our children that passion and love for animals :)

Our adventure with Neva Masquerade breed began in 2011 with accidentally purchased male. These were the times when trading animals on the market was still allowed, and with the thought of buying... a dog we went to one of such markets. Unfortunately, there wasn't any dog we were looking for but our heart was stolen by a tiny kitten, whose breed name we probably heard for the first time in our life and at that time it didn't tell us anything at all. It took us another 4 years to learn more about this mysterious-sounding breed before we decided to buy a female this time with breeding rights. We officially registered our cattery a year later in July 2016. Since then, we are continuously registered in the SCC (Supreme Cat Club Łódź), which is a member of the nationwide felinology federation FPL (Felis Polonia), and this is a member of the FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline).

You can read more about the Neva Masquerade breed here.

We put a lot of attention and love to our cats. We know how incredible joy can bring kitten, who lying on our knees purrs quietly showing that he feels fantastic. That is why we make every effort to pet our kittens as much as possible, so when the time comes to leave our home they will give their new owners everything for which we love them most. All our cats live and spend time among us, not in separate rooms isolated from the rest of the household. When we plan future litters, we pay attention to the smallest details that may help us to breed healthy, excellent in type kittens with fantastic character.

You can read more about purchasing our kittens here.


We are convinced of the highest quality of our cats. That is why we are not afraid to show them regularly at numerous cat shows, whether domestic or foreign. The brilliant notes our cats receive from the judges as well as all the awards and certificates they have gained only strengthen us in the belief that we have chosen the right way to develop our cattery.

You can read more about our successes and exhibition plans here.

Our cats are under constant veterinary care wet. Justyna Domagalska from the Cztery Łapy Clinic in Łódź. Our Cattery is free of FeLV/FIV and our cats undergo specialist kidney (PKD) and heart (HCM) tests so that we can be sure that they are healthy and free from genetic defects. They are also regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

Breeding is not only our hobby but also a very important part of our life. That is why we want to do it as best as possible. And to make this possible, we regularly expand our knowledge and experience during numerous workshops, seminars and trainings in the field of cat topics. We also completed 2 levels of the very prestigious international PawPeds online course, which only a few catteries in Poland can boast in -

You can read more about our trainings and courses here.

More photos, videos and information about the cattery Kocia Osada*Pl can be found here:

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