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about buying a cat

Price for a kitten from our cattery:

Kitten for sale in Poland:

3500 PLN for a kitten sold "as a pet" already neutered;

6500 PLN for a kitten sold with breeding rights.

Kitten for sale abroad:

900-1000 for a kitten sold "as a pet" already neutered;

1500 € for a kitten sold with breeding rights.

In case that kitten is sold abroad, the prices given only apply to countries with normal 21 days long quarantine after rabies vaccination period. If veterinary conditions are different than standard or longer quarantine period after vaccination is required, the price is set individually.

With each kitten's name you will have its current status, which makes it easier to know which kitten is available and which is not. Explanation of possible statuses:

available/available S/B - the kitten is available/available with breeding rights;

observation - the kitten is under observation by us in case of keeping it in our cattery;

reservation - kitten not available, reserved;

* pre-reservation - the kitten is temporary not available, we are waiting for the advance payment, in the absence of payment the kitten may be available again;

People who decide to buy a cat in Kocia Osada*Pl cattery receive:

* a cat from a legal cattery, registered in FIFE together with a 5-generation pedigree from ancestors from renowned Polish and world catteries;

* purchase and sale agreement, confirming the legality of the purchase and guaranteeing the purchase of a healthy cat with all the best features typical for this breed;

* healthy book containing a minimum of 2 vaccinations and 2 dewormings using the best preparations and vaccines available on the market;

* kitten chipped and registered in the safe animal database;

* a kitten fully socialized, taught self-reliance, using a litter box and scratching post, accustomed to eating various types of food, from raw meat to the highest quality dry and wet grain-free foods;

* kitten free from diseases - our cattery is under constant veterinary care and our cats are free from FIV, FeLV and genetic diseases;

* kitten with the best features typical of the Neva Masquerade breed after titled ancestors, who regularly succeed at domestic and foreign exhibitions under the auspices of FIFE;


* less sensitization kitten - Neva Masquerade breed is a hypoallergenic breed which means that they are less allergenic compared to other breeds of cats;

* our experience, support and knowledge gained during several years of breeding and additionally expanded to participate in numerous exhibitions, workshops and training;

* layette containing gifts and food that the kitten ate, which greatly facilitates its efficient and help acclimatization in a new home.

All cats leave our cattery with a legal, 5-generation pedigree issued by FPL and FIFE, honored all over the world. We do not sell kittens without pedigree! Firstly that we are obliged by the felinological union which we are registered in and secondly that our ethics as breeders doesn't allow us to do so. We sign a purchase and sale agreement with each buyer, which, combined with the pedigree, gives you confidence that the purchased cat is thoroughbred, healthy and has the best features typical of its breed.


Kittens leave our cattery not earlier than 14 weeks after birth. We are aware that each of you would like a kitten as soon as possible but please trust us the time spent by them in breeding along with the rest of the cats is necessary for their socialization. As a result, when the day has come to leave kittens are fully independent, using a litter box or a cat tree, as well as being accustomed to various types of food. Speaking of litter boxes, the kittens mainly use plant litter, which is harmless to the kitten if they decide to taste it. However, in breeding we also use other types of litters, such as clay or silicone, and before leaving the house, the kittens know them all, so the new guardian can easily choose any litter their like. The situation is similar when it comes to food. All kittens are used to eating both raw meat and ready-made dry or canned food. Here, however, it is worth to remember that cats are carnivores, which is why we use only premium class, dry and wet grain-free foods for feeding our cats.


When the cat is ready to leave, the new guardian also receives his health book or passport if the kitten is to leave the Polish border and in them confirmation of a minimum of 2 vaccinations against infectious diseases and 2 dewormings, and in the case of cats leaving our country also vaccination against rabies. In addition, all cats in our cattery are under constant veterinary care of vet. Justyna Domagalska from the Cztery Łapy clinic in Łódź. They regularly have blood tests, tests for feline AIDS (FIV) and feline leukemia (FeLV), ultrasound of the heart and kidneys as well as genetic tests that confirm the no genetic defects that could be passed on to the offspring.

Our cats regularly take part in cat shows and international cat exhibitions. As a result, they not only win numerous titles but above all are regularly judged, so you can be sure that when you decide to have a kitten from our cattery you will receive a healthy kitten with the best neva masquerade features and without any genetic defects. What's more, the latest research clearly shows that neva masquerade cat's saliva contains a smaller amount of protein that causes cat allergy, so some allergy sufferers may not react at all. Therefore, the choice of this breed can be an ideal solution for people who are allergic to cats, although here we always encourage you to visit our cattery and test how your body will react to a cat because they are not completely non-allergic cats.

Participation in cat exhibitions is also a great opportunity for us to talk and exchange experiences with other breeders. We have been dealing with breeding neva masquerade cats only for several years, but at that time we managed to take part in numerous workshops, courses and training, which not only significantly increased our knowledge but also allowed us to become better and more aware breeders. Of course, we also share this knowledge and experience with others. Everyone who bought a cat from us knows that basically regardless of the time of day, if necessary, they can write to us or call us and get answers for most of the questions quickly. We never abandon our kittens and try to be in regular contact with each family and we are very pleased to receive numerous pictures of our babies, which have grown up into beautiful and proud adult cats.

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